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Andy Transport reinforces its training and safety capabilities with the acquisition of a driving simulator

Andy Transport announced today it acquired the DriveWise TransSimVS driving simulator to develop its eco-driving best practices and enhance the company’s safety culture.

The simulator is a tool incredibly flexible and powerful. It has proved an excellent way of providing sound driving training: instructors can customize the driving experience for each student by changing various parameters (traffic patterns, time of day and weather), and by simulating virtually different environments (highway, rural, city, parking lots, etc). A comprehensive courseware was adapted to the company’s safety and fuel-economy strategic objectives and was purchased as part of the kit.

Its flexibility makes it a relevant tool for both entry-level drivers that get the experience before heading on the road, and for the experienced drivers that need targeted training.

The system has multiple visual scenes, as well as a multitude of road surfaces, moving and stationary objects. An event can be either programmed or added by the instructor during run time, from the easy-to-use instructor station.

“We say that we invest in a simulator or a tool, but in reality we invest in our people. With the simulator we want to improve the effectiveness of our training programs so that it targets awareness, skill development and more importantly long-term behavioral changes. At the end of day, we want to make sure that our drivers get home safely to their families and that we create a sustainable safety culture” explains Ilie Crisan, Andy Transport’s President.

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Source: Codruta Prefit, Marketing Manager