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Social Responsibility



We are committed to protect the environment. We adopt technologies and practices that preserve, protect, and enhance the environment. We conduct our business by implementing a green policy aiming at paperless operations, adopting recycling habits, and employing an efficient use of the energy resources in our offices, maintenance center and fleet of vehicles.

Our awareness for environmental sustainability has been the motivation for our substantial investment in the latest equipment and technology. By operating one of the most modern fleets we take steps to minimize our environmental footprint by:


  • Using hybrid aerodynamic:
    • We have installed side skirts on our trailers, allowing a fuel consumption reduction between 3-7%.
    • Our entire fleet is composed of aero-truck models that provide a reduction in aerodynamic drag.
  • Reducing idling time.
  • Applying a preventive vehicle maintenance program.
  • Tracking fleet fuel consumption.
  • Training our drivers.

We have voluntarily adhered to the SMART WAY partnership. SMART WAY is a collaboration between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the freight shippers, carriers, and logistics companies to achieve improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions from freight transport.

We are continuously engaged in our community. We invest in new and diverse initiatives, and we enjoy sponsoring local sports teams and artists. We regularly contribute through our donations and active participation to forwarding youth education and aiding the socially disadvantaged.




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